ARMSPORT warrants to the original user that the ARMSPORT product will be free in material workmanship or defects for a period as specified below from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product.

Products Material Warranty
MultiPuller – Wrist & Forearm Trainer Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminium, Nylon Strap 2 Year Warranty
ConeGrip – Forearm & Fingers Trainer HQ Rubber 2 Year Warranty
WristMax – Fingers & Wrist Trainer Plastic, Nylon Strap 1 Year Warranty
WristBall – Wrist Trainer Silicone, Nylon Strap 1 Year Warranty
Cone Puller Plastic, Nylon Strap 1 Year Warranty
WristRoller (Stainless Steel) Stainless Steel 304, Nylon Strap 3 Year Warranty
WristRoller (Plastic) Plastic, Nylon Strap 1 Year Warranty
Metal Base Handle Carbon Steel 1 Year Warranty
Stainless Steel Base Handle Stainless Steel 304 3 Year Warranty
Plastic Grips Plastic 1 Year Warranty
Professional Training Belt Polyester Strap 3 Year Warranty

Warranty may be voided for any product which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage or handling by the user.
Any specific issues regarding a ARMSPORT product with which a customer is not satisfied will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

ARMSPORT warrants that the product shall be free from defect in material and workmanship from the date of purchase until the end of the warranty period, when the product is used under normal uses and conditions. During the warranty period ARMSPORT will, at no additional charge to you, repair or replace the product or any part of the Product if it becomes defective, malfunctions, or otherwise fails to conform with this Limited Warranty.
Original Proof of Purchase is required to invoke this warranty.

It does not cover misuse/abuse or accident/damage such as scratches, cosmetic damage to paint/finishes.
If a Product requires shipment, delivery or transport it is the purchaser’s sole responsibility and to pay for any fees associated with servicing of a Product.


  • Before using any of these equipment, carefully read the instruction provided on how to operate the equipment properly.
  • Use the products only for intended use. Obtain instruction and DO NOT modify the products.
  • Store below 60˚C / 140°F.
  • Do not throw plastic products on hard surface and objects.
  • Keep clothing and hair free and clear of all moving parts.
  • Misuse of these products may result in serious injury.
  • All grips should be used with Armsport base handles only. (The warranty does not cover grips that have been used with a non-Armsport base handles)