UltraGrip 1RM Challenge

What is the UltraGrip 1RM Challenge?

The UltraGrip 1RM Challenge is the ultimate test of strength – a chance to find your One Repetition Maximum and redefine your strength limits.
Push yourself to the max and witness incredible gains in just one repetition!

Why Take the Challenge?

  • Set Personal Records: Break through your barriers and achieve new milestones.
  • Community Support: Join a like-minded community pushing their limits alongside you.
  • Recognition: Your personal record will be proudly featured on our website’s Record Table!


  1. Perform the exercise as shown in the video below, the wrist must be straight, hold the UltraGrip at least for 2 second without open your wrist.
  2. The video must be recorded in one continuous take.
  3. The resistance weight must be shown in the beginning of the video.
  4. Your full name and body weight must be mentioned in the video description.
  5. The video must be tagged as #UltraGrip1RM
  6.  The video must be sent to us via PM on Instagram or Facebook.

1RM UltraGrip Challenge

Full nameBody weight1RMDate
Ermes Gasparini133 kg / 293 lb60 kg / 132 lb20-Oct-2023